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Welcome to Spring/Summer ’24, a season brimming with newness, from highly-anticipated debuts to innovative takes on fashion’s perennial favourites. Amidst the colour-drenched palettes and shimmering silhouettes, there was an unmistakable new mood in the air- a refreshingly authentic portrayal of modern life. The Spring/Summer ’24 runways showed us more than ever that luxury goes beyond what we wear, but is an extension of our personalities and lifestyles. This season is a profound testament to the power of personal expression. Prepare to be inspired as you discover pieces that not only resonate with your unique personality but also elevate your everyday experiences. As the definitive home of luxury, we invite you to delve deep into what luxury embodies in today’s ever-evolving landscape. Whether that involves connecting with simple pleasures or redefining your signature style, embrace the synergy between what you wear and who you are. Ounass shines a spotlight on the key collections of Spring/Summer ’24 alongside one of the region’s most influential tastemakers who truly encapsulates the power of individual style. In an exclusive interview, we sit down with fashion and beauty influencer Deema Al Asadi to discuss staying ahead of the curve, the power of social media and what luxury means today, in the season’s most iconic new looks.

Tell us about yourself.

I started my social media career in 2016 by coincidence; I’m a dentist by degree but from a young age, I always had a strong passion for fashion and style. After having my son I started sharing some pregnancy fashion and my motherhood journey online, eventually shifting my focus to fashion and beauty content. I’m a big believer that fashion is more than just a lifestyle, it’s a way to express yourself.

Tell us about your selections from the Spring/Summer ‘24 collections.

In my selection, you’ll see a lot of different shades of red- it’s the colour of the season for me. I’ve also been drawn to bold feathers and colours, especially when it comes to accessories. Denim is a trend that I absolutely love from SS’24. I believe in investing in good wardrobe staples that will last forever.

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What emerging designers or regional brands on Ounass do you believe are making an impact in the fashion industry?

Nafsika Skourti is one, I love her collections. Her use of artful design details such as embroidery and contemporary cuts are so unique. Since Ramadan is approaching I have to mention Dima Ayad and Bambah. These are a few of my favourites, but there are so many more.

As a tastemaker in the fashion industry, how do you stay ahead of the curve and predict the upcoming seasonal trends that your audience would love to see and shop?

Social media is my go-to. I find a lot of in-depth articles and fashion critiques, and always try to keep up on what’s happening in the industry. The Fashion Week shows fuel my inspiration, I make sure I attend at least 2 seasons a year: I get to see what’s coming next season and I find myself getting inspired by all the trends being worn by others. I also follow a lot of influencers, not only in the region but all around the world. I have a few favourites that I look up to - just as people get inspired by my content I also get inspired by others.

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What Spring trends are you looking to incorporate into your wardrobe?

Definitely denim on denim, it’s been on the rise for a few seasons now, but I love it. For Spring, I’m looking for a timeless full denim look. Shades of red is another big one for me. Last season I invested in a burgundy bag and jacket, but I’m looking forward to incorporating punchier shades in a ballerina or a clutch.

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Which designers or brands on Ounass do you feel truly captured the spirit of the season and why?

Saint Laurent is a brand that I've been loving lately and I really see the spirit of the season in their collections. There are elements of quiet luxury in many of their designs. I started investing a lot in the brand’s pieces, because it has that element of long-term wearability that I love.

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Wellbeing is an integral part of what luxury means today. Can you share some daily rituals or routines that contribute to a sense of luxury in your life?

It’s definitely that free time I get just before bed, those 10-15 mins before I sleep where I light a candle and do my skincare. For me, free time is always a luxury because I get to do the things that I enjoy. I also make sure that I dedicate a full day for self care once a month, whether that’s a massage, visiting a spa or getting a facial. No matter how busy it gets, I always take a step back and take a break when I need to. It's important to take care of yourself to be able to be productive, I really believe in that.

What makes you feel most authentic and truly reflects your personal identity when it comes to style?

I’m someone who always takes risks when it comes to fashion, and my style changes depending on my mood. A lot of people are reluctant to change their style and think you have to stick to one, but I try to show through my content that experimenting can be fun and inspiring.

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What does Luxury to Live In mean to you?

It’s the simple things. Hugging my son after a long working day or having free time to take care of myself and doing the things I love is the ultimate luxury.